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KanScan Overview
There is abundant information and  literature in Kannada and Telugu language on paper documents. This format does not allow for an easy .process of sharing, searching, editing or re-creation. Each of these tasks will need huge investments in manual labor and  time. Most of such tasks are normally abandoned or not taken up at all, due to the prohibitive costs.

The task of converting the information in paper documents into editable documents, is called digitization. An OCR
(Optical Character Recognition) solution is the need of the hour, which can automate the digitization process. While there are many tools commercially available in the market for English and European languages, there is none available for Kannada or Telugu language so far. KanScan product  is an attempt to bridge that gap.

KanScan is an intelligent OCR software for recognizing text in images of printed documents or books, containing Kannada/Telugu language text and creating editable text documents,

Digitizing your printed documents using KanScan will enable you to harness the information which you were so far not able to access.

Evaluation version of the software is available for free to download and  instantly convert individual image pages into editable files.

If you have a pile of documents or book(s) to be digitized, you can contact us. KanScan can easily process book pages or many documents in batch.

Feature List
  • Font independent recognition: recognition algorithm are not based on fonts, rather, they look for character features. This means KanScan is not limited to one or few particular fonts.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms helps in training KanScan and adapting it to recognize varied fonts.
  • Very good recognition accuracy.
  • Multiple Recognition Algorithms incorporated to improve OCR quality
  • Recognition of pictures within documents.
  • Identifies and separates blocks of text.
  • High speed conversion.
  • Able to process degraded document image.
  • Integrated Spell Checker make corrections to OCR output
  • Very limited user input needed.

Download, Installation and Usage:
For instructions to download KanScan,install and use the software, click on this link.
KanScan Download.


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